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Obtain a Trade License in Malta

Obtain a Trade License in Malta

Although many activities in Malta do not require a trading license, according to the latest changes to Legal Notice 40, there are still a few categories where these approvals are needed. In order to understand all the required formalities, it is recommended to consider the support of our company formation agents in Malta who can assist you from the very beginning, when you register a company in this island state. Discover in this article essential information about trading licenses in Malta and the rules you need to keep in mind.

 Quick Facts  
 Who needs a trade license in Malta?

– companies with commercial activities,

– auctioneers,

– door-to-door sellers,

– manufacturers,

– marketing agents,

– car boot sellers, etc. 

 When is a trade license required?

 Before starting the business operations in Malta

 Legislation for Maltese trade licenses

 – Trading Licenses Act in Malta,

– Legal Notice 40 of 2016

 Documents for trade licenses in Malta

– company documents,

– specific forms,

– clear criminal record,

– documents certifying company audit 

 Processing time

Around 5 days. Delays apply for incorrect documents. 

 License for import & export activities

Issued by the Maltese Chamber of Commerce 

 Documents required for food & beverages sales

Health Certificate issued by the Environmental Health Directorate 

 Approval and clearances

Made by the Commissioner of Police in Malta 

 Import and export licenses issued for businesses dealing with

– raw materials,

– machinery,

– semi-finished goods 

 Requirements for manufacturers in Malta

– application form B,

– company documents, 

– verifications made by the Licensing Unit in Malta 

 Transferable trade license (YES/NO)


 Other types of licenses you might need

For gaming activities, travel agencies, cryptocurrency, financial services 

 Trade License Unit location

Valletta, Malta 

 How can a Maltese representative help you?

The preparation of trade license documents is made by our local company formation agents. They can also communicate with relevant institutions. 

 Why work with our local agents? We have experience and we work professionally. We  offer complete services at advantageous prices. 

Activities that require a trade license in Malta

commercial license in Malta is needed for door-to-door retail, except food and beverages, street vendors of fruits, vegetables, bread, and other traditional products, marketing agents, commercial fairs & exhibitions, car boot sales, and auctioneers. Precious metal dealers and jewelry manufacturers are other categories of traders for whom a trade license in Malta is needed.

A complete guide to getting a trade license in Malta

Obtaining a trade license in Malta is a necessary step for starting and running some businesses in the country. The process may vary depending on the type of business and the specific local regulations, but here is a general outline of the steps to obtain a trade license in Malta:

  • Determine your business activity: First, identify the class of trade license that corresponds to your business activity. Malta categorizes trade licenses into different classes, based on the nature of the business. Our company formation agents in Malta can guide you in detail about this categorization. 
  • Trade license application: Submit a trade license application to the local council or authority in your area. The specific requirements and application forms may vary depending on your business activity and location. Our company incorporation agents in Malta can guide you about these specifications. 
  • Site inspection: In many cases, a site inspection will be conducted by the local authority to verify that your business premises and operations comply with local regulations.
  • Payment of fees: Pay the required application fees and trade license fees, which can vary depending on your business activity and the class of the trade license in Malta.
  • Approval and issuance: Once your application is reviewed and approved, the local authority will issue your trade license. This will specify the class of business activities you are authorized to conduct.
  • Compliance and renewal: Ensure that you remain compliant with all local regulations and renew your trade license annually as it typically has a one-year validity.

Seeking professional advice from our agents may also be beneficial to navigate the application process effectively. Keep in mind that different business activities may have additional licensing requirements, such as health permits for food-related businesses or specialized licenses for financial services companies. Always ensure you meet all the requirements to operate your business legally and successfully in Malta. Moreover, our agents can assist you practically if you want to set up a company in Malta.

Common types of trade licenses in Malta

Trade licenses in Malta are categorized into different classes, each covering specific types of business activities. These classes help regulate and ensure compliance with regulations for various businesses. Here are some of the common types of trade licenses in Malta:

  1. Retailers: This class covers retail businesses, including shops, supermarkets, and convenience stores;
  2. Offices: It includes businesses like offices for various services, such as administrative, professional, or financial services;
  3. Food and drink establishments: Restaurants, cafes, and other businesses serving food and beverages fall under this class. Special licenses are required for alcohol service. Regarding this, if you want to open a company in Malta, our agents can help you get a license for its operations;
  4. Bars, clubs, and entertainment venues: Businesses that provide entertainment and serve alcoholic beverages, like bars and nightclubs, need a license. Our company incorporation consultants in Malta can help you get related permits for this business;
  5. Importers and exporters: Companies engaged in importing and exporting goods and products require a trade license in Malta.

These trade licenses help businesses to comply with specific regulations relevant to their industry. The exact requirements and application procedures may vary based on the class of license and the nature of the business. Business owners need to consult with our company formation consultants in Malta to ensure that they obtain the correct trade license for their specific activities and to navigate the licensing process effectively.

Documents required to obtain a trade license in Malta

The trading license in Malta requires special attention in terms of application and formalities imposed by the Maltese government and more precisely the Trading Licensing Unit. With the help of our specialists, you can have guarantee that the application process is correct and that all the documents in the file comply with the requirements of the authorities. We mention here some of these formalities, which you should consider if you apply for a commercial license in Malta:

  • Company documents are required to apply for a business license in Malta.
  • Details about the business structure, head office, and shareholders are required at the time of application.
  • All the information about the activities of the respective company is necessary, but also about the employed persons. In the case of sole proprietorship in Malta, the details about sole traders are sufficient.
  • Certified police documents that attest to the clear criminal record of persons having a business in Malta. This document is part of the trade license application in Malta.
  • The authorities also require documents certifying the audit in the respective company. Such a document must be signed and initialed by a certified auditor.
  • The application for a trade license in Malta is verified in approximately 5 days. If certain documents are still required, the authorities accept the necessary changes within a maximum of 20 days, during which time the applicant must respond.

So, these are some of the formalities for a trading license in Malta. More details in this case can be provided by our team of company formation agents in Malta. We can help you with company incorporation in Malta and related procedures.

Market hawkers and trading license in Malta

Manufacturers who want to sell their goods in open markets must align with the licensing requirements first and foremost. Application Form B is the required document in this case, in addition to those of the company. These documents are verified by the Commerce Department in Malta, but also by the Trade Licensing Unit.

It is important to mention that this type of license is not transferable and therefore cannot be used by anyone else, except in cases where the family takes over the business. So, if you want complete details about market hawker commercial license in Malta, do not hesitate to talk to our specialists to help you set up a company in Malta.

The trading license in Malta for marketing agents

The Trading License Unit in Malta, and more precisely the Commerce Department, accepts applications for trading licenses in Malta from marketing agents. Thus, a standard form will be filled out with information about the activities carried out, and here we remind you:

  • Using commercial vehicles for the sale of retail goods, including food, on behalf of the licensee (company, business owner).
  • This trading license in Malta is necessary for the activity mentioned above if it takes place in places other than commercial premises or dedicated kiosks.
  • Information about the approvals offered by the Health Department and Environmental Health Directorate in Malta.
  • A fee of approximately EUR 40 (valid for one year) will be paid for each vehicle used in the performance of agent marketing activities in Malta.

We mention in this sense that, once the trade license is obtained in Malta, it must be displayed in plain sight, in the place where the respective activities are carried out. You can discuss all the procedures and formalities with one of our local agents, so don’t hesitate to contact us online or by phone.

What happens if the application for a trade license in Malta is refused?

There are cases in which the trade license in Malta cannot be obtained by the applicant. In such situations, either the documents are incomplete or incorrect, or the respective activities cannot be carried out in accordance with the law. However, the applicant has the right to appeal the decision and can do so in 10 working days. In this endeavor, the respective applicant must address the Licensing Appeals Board in Malta, as soon as he has been notified by the Maltese Trade Licensing Unit, as specified in the provisions of Subsidiary Legislation 441.07.

Information required for a market hawker license in Malta

When you apply for a market hawker license in Malta, you must fill in a standard form. Thus, in addition to the applicant’s name, residence, and mailing address, the following information is also requested:

  • Nationality,
  • Details about the vehicle used, registration number, name of the owner,
  • The address where the used vehicle will park,
  • The address where the goods for sale are stored.
  • Commercial activity: sale of food and beverages or non-food and non-beverage,
  • Authorization number provided by the Health Department,
  • Confirmation that the above data are correct and that the applicant assumes full responsibility for them.

What can happen if the applicants for a trade license in Malta do not provide the correct information?

The Commerce Department collects and at the same time processes the information of applicants for commercial licenses in Malta. Thus, if irregularities are found regarding them, the respective applicant can make the subject a criminal prosecution and therefore can be investigated. We also mention that all information is collected and processed in complete confidentiality, respecting the Data Protection Act and the Privacy Policy of the Department.

We invite you to find out more information about the commercial license in Malta, how to make an application, the necessary documents, and submission to the relevant authorities. It is even advisable to talk to a specialist in the field in this endeavor because he has the experience and can guide you correctly from the very beginning.

Why do you need a trade license in Malta?

Securing the appropriate business licenses is a vital component of your business’s prosperity. Beyond legal compliance, these licenses bestow a sense of credibility and reliability upon your enterprise, instilling trust in customers and investors alike. They serve as proof of your unwavering commitment to adherence and excellence, qualities that can prove invaluable when seeking financial support or collaboration. Business licenses, essentially permits granted by government bodies, signify a business’s alignment with the legal and safety regulations stipulated by the law. These licenses are tailored to the specific type of business and the nature of its operations, ensuring lawful and secure practices. If you need a trade license in Malta, consult us. Our company formation agents in Malta can offer you comprehensive guidance in this regard. 

Malta, an extremely popular business destination

The island state of Malta is known for its many business opportunities and excellent climate for foreign entrepreneurs. With an extremely advantageous tax system, generous incentives to attract foreign investors, and a multilingual and experienced workforce, Malta continues to capture the attention of international investors interested in consistent profits and a stable business environment.

The following statistics highlight several times the economic directions of Malta:

  1. Around USD 25 billion was Malta’s GDP in 2022, according to recent data.
  2. The GDP in Malta in 2022 reached a growth of around 6.6%.
  3. According to estimates, the GDP is set to grow by 3.1% in 2023.

Therefore, those interested in a commercial license in Malta are invited to contact our company formation specialists in Malta to find out what services are needed in this case. We are here to help you if you want to open a company in Malta and get the necessary license.