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Gaming in Malta

Gaming in Malta

Businessmen interested in the gaming sector in Malta can ask for the support of our company formation agents in Malta who can manage the registration formalities of a company. We mention that the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) is the main regulatory body for gaming in Malta, and in this article you can find useful information about this sector and the way you can do business of such kind.

How to set up gaming companies in Malta

If gaming in Malta is the business sector that interests you in developing your portfolio, you must have an idea about registering a company in this country. Whether it is about classic gaming, which was also mentioned above in this article, or about Maltese iGaming, the following formalities must be fulfilled:

  • • It starts with the registration of an optimal structure for gaming in Malta. A limited liability company in Malta is the right entity, and the formalities can be managed by one of our company formation agents in Malta.
  • • If the Articles of Association have been completed and accepted, you can proceed to the registration to pay the fees. The most important are VAT and corporate tax and you can ask for consultancy for taxation matters in Malta.
  • • A bank account in Malta is needed to be able to operate in the gaming sector in Malta.
  • • The gaming license in Malta is another important aspect of opening a company in this sector. The Malta Gaming Authority issues the required type of license, and the formalities can be managed by one of our specialists.

If you are interested in how gaming companies can be established in Malta, we recommend the help offered by our company formation agents. They can also deal with the establishment of companies in the iGaming sector in Malta.

Types of licenses for gaming services in Malta

The licenses for gaming in Malta are delimited into four classes, as follows:

  • • class 1 is for casino and skill games, but also for online lotteries;
  • • class 2 is for fixed odds, pool and spread betting;
  • • class 3 is for P2P, poker, betting exchange games and for game portals;
  • • class 4 is for retailers that sell software for operators that host and manage remote games.

All types of licenses have five years validity and it can be renewed for the same amount of time and a requirement for obtaining such a license is for the gaming operation to have a physical location in Malta.

Gaming sectors in Malta

The gaming industry in Malta is divided into sectors as it follows:

  • • Amusement machines that are regulated by the Amusement Machines Regulations in 2011 that stipulates the types of activities licenses can be obtained for.
  • • Casinos that offer slot machines and live gambling services.
  • • Commercial bingo halls or tombola. There are four licensed bingo halls in Malta: Bugibba, Paola, Silema and Valleta.
  • • Remote gaming that falls under the regulations of the Remote Gaming Regulations (L.N. 176/04).
  • • Broadcasting media games that are broadcasted on TV or radio stations.
  • • The National Lottery in Malta.
  • • Commercial communication games that have the role of promoting the sale of goods and services.
  • • Non-profit games organized by NGOs.
  • • Racecourse bets and sweepstakes.

Information about gaming in Malta and about how to open a company in this sector can be obtained from our local agents. They have experience in this field and can help entrepreneurs enter the market with such activities. Moreover, if you are interested in iGaming in Malta, feel free to discuss with our specialists.

Remote gaming in Malta

One of the most thriving sectors in the Maltese gaming industry is remote gaming. The LGA has provisioned remote gaming through the Remote Gaming Regulations (L.N. 176/04), thus making Malta the first country in the EU to have remote gambling legislation.

The LGA regulations refer to any type of gaming, such as casino, bingo, sports betting, remote gaming and lotteries. The Maltese LGA’s goal is to be neutral and consider any type of gaming for licensing if it can be monitored.

The license will be granted if some requirements are met, but after receiving the license, the LGA can modify or impose new terms and conditions. These conditions refer mainly to the protection of the players, the prevention of money laundering and the appropriate functioning of games. iGaming in Malta might be of interested for your future business in this country, therefore, we suggest you get in touch with our local specialists for support.

Overview of iGaming in Malta

Maltese iGaming is a sector of maximum interest for those who want to generate consistent profits and successfully expand their portfolio in this field. Below we present some interesting aspects of Maltese iGaming:

  • • Poker, Bingo, slot machines, online casinos, lotteries, betting, and fantasy sports can be played online. Those interested in offering these types of gambling can establish gaming companies in Malta.
  • • Around 49% of gaming licenses in Malta are offered for casino games, slots, and lotteries and another 37% are for sports betting.
  • • Malta Gaming Authority or MGA is the same institution that provides the necessary license for iGaming in Malta.
  • • The online gaming market in Malta is largely supported by sports betting and casino games.
  • • According to statistical data, the contribution of the gaming sector in Malta was approximately 21% of the country’s GDP.
  • • Approximately 50% of Malta’s international bandwidth is offered to online gambling activities.
  • • In addition to the corporate tax rate of 35% in Malta, those who own gaming companies in Malta must also pay a 5% gaming tax. Learn more about the charging system in this area of tools from our agents.
  • • The authorities require a Certificate of Good Conduct from those who apply for an iGaming license in Malta.

Therefore, gaming and iGaming in Malta are sectors of maximum interest, generating consistent incomes, both for foreign investors and for local ones.

Working with our agents in Malta

If you want to open a gaming business in Malta, we recommend you contact our company formation agents in Malta for specialized help. We can take care of a series of formalities like as the ones related to registration with the relevant authorities, applying for the necessary license, opening a bank account, and registering tax payments. We have the necessary experience in the field to offer our clients the required support and solutions for opening gaming companies in Malta.

If you want to set up a business or you are interested in gaming in Malta, you can contact our company formation agents in Malta.