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Open an IT Company in Malta

Open an IT Company in Malta

Malta provides a wide range of types of companies in different domains that can be incorporated and IT firms are among them. Malta has a highly educated labor force and it is also a very developed country in terms of technological services, which is why people working in the IT field might find very attractive business opportunities.

The incorporation of an IT company in Malta is quite simple as it can be registered like any other type of company.

Documents required when establishing a Maltese IT company

The most important document when registering an IT company with the Maltese Trade Register is the memorandum of association. The memorandum must contain the following data:

–          the name of the company,

–          the type of company that can be private or public,

–          the registered office of the Maltese company,

–          the activities the company will undertake,

–          the share capital the company will be registered with,

–          the names and addresses of each partner in the company,

–          the names and addresses of the directors and secretary.

Other than the articles of association of the company, proof from the bank that the share capital was deposited and proof of the registration fee must be also appended to the registration file. The registration will take about 2 or 3 days and, once it is completed, the company will receive an incorporation certificate.

Registration of the Maltese IT company for taxation purposes

Once the incorporation has been completed, the IT company is required to register for taxation purposes with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). The IRD will provide a tax number for the company.

IT companies are also required to register with the VAT Department and they will be given a VAT number which is separate from the initial tax number. The company will be required to submit a copy of the articles of association, the type of business activity it undertakes, a copy of the identification document of the applicant, the date when the IT company will start operating and a financial plan of the presumed turnover.

Once the VAT number was issued, the company will also receive a VAT receipt book. Maltese residents working as self-employed people in the IT industry do not have to register for taxes.

Maltese IT companies and self-employed persons must also register with the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC).

Our Maltese agents in company incorporation can guide you through all the steps when registering an IT company.