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Open a Blockchain Company in Malta

Open a Blockchain Company in Malta

Even if blockchain in Malta is closely associated with cryptocurrency, in reality, blockchain services can be successfully implemented in any business. Find out in the following lines how to register a blockchain company in Malta and what are the most important steps. We remind you that you can benefit from support from our company formation agents in Malta.

Starting blockchain companies in Malta

Crypto companies in Malta cannot be established without blockchain implementation. This service facilitates financial transactions in a business and also allows the tracking of assets, whether tangible or intangible, with the help of an immutable ledger. This technology is often found in crypto companies in Malta. But below we describe what it means to open blockchain companies in Malta:

  • • Registration of an entity is required to carry out blockchain activities in Malta.
  • • Next comes the opening of a bank account for blockchain companies in Malta.
  • • Registration is mandatory for paying taxes in Malta. A blockchain advisory in Malta can offer you the necessary support in this matter.
  • • To be able to offer blockchain services in Malta, you first need to obtain the required permits and licenses.
  • • It is recommended that blockchain in Malta be a secured business. That’s why you can think about signing an insurance policy that will protect your business from the start.
  • • To make your blockchain services heard and discovered in Malta, you can open a website and create an identity for your brand.

What costs are involved in blockchain in Malta?

Blockchain companies in Malta can be created based on a well-structured business plan. It must also include information about the costs involved, and among these, we mention:

  • • Purchase of computers and software necessary for blockchain technology.
  • • Ongoing expenses must be listed if you want to have employees in the company.
  • • Also added are the costs for the business license, rented office space, insurance policy, and the services offered by a blockchain advisory in Malta.

Why is blockchain technology used most often in Malta?

Blockchain in Malta addresses crypto companies in Malta, as technological support for the transactions involved in this business. Blockchain services in Malta offer protection against money laundering and ensure both crypto companies in Malta and their clients that any type of transaction in virtual currency takes place in complete safety.

Crypto companies in Malta – Are these profitable businesses?

Considering the impressive development of virtual currency in the last decade, as well as a large number of cryptocurrency users in Malta, it can be said that a business in this field is profitable. Here are some interesting data in this direction:

  • • Malta was the first country in the world to implement the legal framework for the control of virtual currency and the transactions involved.
  • • Since 2017, when the law that regulates cryptocurrency was adopted in Malta, around EUR 60 billion worth of cryptocurrencies has been registered, only in this country.
  • • There is 0% taxation for cryptocurrency transactions in Malta. However, crypto trading is subject to a business income tax of 35%.

Do you want to know more about blockchain in Malta? Are you thinking of opening crypto companies in Malta? Do not hesitate to call on the services of our local agents. Contact us today!