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Set Up a Public Limited Liability Company in Malta

Set Up a Public Limited Liability Company in Malta

The limited liability company is the most employed type of business form by foreign investors opening a company in Malta. The main reasons for opening this type of company is the limited responsibility of the shareholders when it comes to the company’s obligations and the low taxes imposed by the Maltese authorities. Foreign investors can choose between two types of limited liability companies: the private and public limited liability one.

Our company incorporation agents in Malta can offer full information on the two types of companies and can assist foreign investors in choosing the right type of form in accordance with their needs.

The Maltese public limited liability company

The public limited liability company is regulated by the Maltese Company Act which provides for the following requirements to register this type of company:

  • –          it must have at least two shareholders who can be individuals or other companies;
  • –          it must have a minimum share capital of approximately 46,600 euros;
  • –          at least 25% of the share capital must be deposited at the registration;
  • –          its memorandum and articles of association must stipulate it is a public company;
  • –          it must have at least two directors and a secretary;
  • –          its name must contain the abbreviation PLC;
  • –          it must have a registered address in Malta.

Compared to the private company, the public limited liability company in Malta may also trade its shares of the capital markets and is a good choice for foreign professional investors interested in creating investment funds in this country.

How to register a public limited liability company in Malta

Once the requirements above are met, a foreign investor can start the registration process of the Maltese public limited liability company. One can also appoint Maltese company formation agents to carry out the process.

The first step to open a public limited liability company in Malta is to set up a bank account where the share capital will be deposited. Then, the documents must be filed with the Trade Register. The company must also register for taxation, VAT and employment purposes. If required, it must also apply for special licenses or permits in accordance with the activities it will undertake. This is also the case of investment funds.

For assistance in opening a public limited liability company, do not hesitate to contact our company registration consultants in Malta.