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Set Up a Limited Partnership in Malta

Set Up a Limited Partnership in Malta

The partnership is a common business form used by many foreign investors in Malta. This is because the Maltese Company Law provides for the establishment of various types of partnerships which can also be used to set up investment funds in this country. Moreover, a few years back the law was amended so that limited partnerships could be used as investment vehicles in Malta.

Our company registration agents in Malta can offer information on the limited partnership used to open investment funds in this country.

Types of limited partnerships in Malta

The Commercial Code provides for the following types of limited partnerships in Malta:

  • –          the limited partnership with a variable share capital;
  • –          the multi-class limited partnership;
  • –          the multi-fund limited partnership.

No matter the type of limited partnership one decides to open in Malta, it must have at least two participants. One of them must be a general partner, while the other must be a limited partner.

Requirements to start a limited partnership in Malta

One of the greatest advantages of the Maltese limited partnership is that is has its own legal personality and can even be used to own property in Malta. One of the most important requirements when setting up a limited partnership in Malta is its name, which must contain the words limited partnership or the abbreviation LP. The name must be submitted for approval with the Companies Register within 3 months before the actual registration of the partnership.

With respect to the participants in the limited partnership, the general partner will act as the director or manager of the partnership and will be fully responsible to its debts and obligations, while the limited partner will not have any decision-making role and will be liable up to the amount he/she has contributed with to the capital. There are no minimum share capital requirements when opening a limited partnership in Malta.

How to register a limited partnership in Malta

The most important documents which must be prepared when opening a Maltese limited partnership are the partnership agreement and the registration document which must be filed with the Companies Registrar. Based on these, the Trade Register will issue the certificate which will allow the limited partnership to operate in Malta.

No matter the type of limited partnership you are interested in opening, do not hesitate to contact our company formation consultants in Malta for assistance.