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Fiduciary Services in Malta

Fiduciary Services in Malta

Malta has very good economic prospects and, if you are an investor opening a company here, you should choose carefully the legal entities that will work in your best interest. Our Maltese company formationagents can provide you with information on the fiduciary services you should choose when setting up a company in Malta

Benefits of the Fiduciary Services in Malta 

In Malta, fiduciary services can only be offered by companies that have an authorization to provide them to their clients, as the levels of confidence and security between the parties involved are crucial. Maltese fiduciary services are authorized by Malta Financial Services Authority, offering legal practitioners the right to act on your behalf. These services are regulated by the Professional Secrecy Act, which, if violated by the practitioners, can lead to a fine of 20,000 LM (Maltese lira) or to 2 years of imprisonment, under the Section 27 of the Criminal Code. 

When you set up a company in Malta, if you are interested in the confidentiality of your assets in front of your competitors, you may want to keep you shares through a company delivering fiduciary services. Fiduciary services are offered by accountants, bankers, lawyers, tax consultants, who can combine their area of expertise to give you the best financial outlook for your company. Our company formation agents can provide you with such services, guiding you through the stages of your company’s development. 

Types of Fiduciary Relationships in Malta

Fiduciary services may develop in several business relationships, in accordance to the one the shareholders are interested in. An investor may be interested in the following fiduciary duties:

• between a trustee and a beneficiary;

• between lawyers and clients;

• between executors and legatees;

• between guardian and ward;

• between investment corporation and investors;

• between promoters and stock subscribers.

If you need more information on fiduciary services procedures in Malta, please contact our agents in company formation in Malta