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Establish Alternative Investment Funds in Malta

Establish Alternative Investment Funds in Malta

Malta is currently one of the most advantageous countries to set up an investment fund in because of the broad legislation covering this type of investments. Among them are also alternative investment funds (AIFs) which are regulated by the law with the same name, but also by the Investment Services Act which provides for the establishment of all types of investment funds in Malta. The Company Act regulates the registration of the companies used to market the alternative investment fund.

Our Maltese company formation agents can offer more information on all types of funds available for registration.

Features of Maltese alternative investment funds

Alternative investment funds are required to raise money from the public and invest it based on a well-established strategy. Also, AIFs must be administered by authorized managers under the AIFM Directive. If the Maltese AIF is self-managed, then the minimum capital required is 125,000 euros. If the value of the portfolio is above 250 million euros, then 0.02% of the sum exceeding this threshold must be deposited upon the registration of the fund. The amount will not exceed 10 million euros. The alternative investment fund must also appoint a custodian, which will usually be a Maltese bank.

As an example, hedge funds, real estate funds and private equity funds are considered alternative investment funds in Malta.

How to create an alternative investment fund in Malta

The first step to establish an AIF in Malta is to select the type of company which will market the fund and then incorporate it with the Companies Register. Our company registration consultants in Malta can advise you on the type of structures eligible to set up AIFs.

In order to have the alternative investment fund approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority, the owner must file the following documents:

  • –          details on the investment strategy;
  • –          the incorporation documents of the AIF;
  • –          information on the custodian;
  • –          information on the AIF’s prospectus;
  • –          information about the disclosure requirements.

For details on how to set up an alternative investment fund in Malta, please feel free to contact us. You can also rely on our company incorporation representatives if you want to open other types of investment funds in Malta.