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Open a Company in the Financial Sector in Malta

Open a Company in the Financial Sector in Malta

One of the most important economic sectors in Malta is represented by the financial industry which enables foreign investors to set up profitable businesses in various segments of this industry. Among the types of companies one can open in the Maltese financial sector are:

  • –          insurance and reinsurance companies;
  • –          investment funds;
  • –          financial institutions;
  • –          pension funds.

In order to set up any of the types of businesses above, one must comply with various requirements and laws governing the financial industry. Our company incorporation agents in Malta can offer detailed information on the laws related to the financial sector.

Registering a business in the financial industry in Malta

In order to create a financial business in Malta one must register a company with the Trade Register based on certain documents. One must pay attention to the share capital requirements a financial company must comply with and also to the business form it will undertake. The public company is usually suitable to undertake financial activities in Malta as this type of company can also be listed on the Stock Exchange.

Our company formation consultants in Malta can assist foreign investors who want to establish companies in the financial sector by drafting and filing the documents related to the registration of the business.

Special requirements related to the financial sector in Malta

As mentioned above, special attention must be paid when starting a business in the Maltese financial sector. This is because, depending on the services the company will provide a certain share capital and various solvency requirements and fit and proper criteria must be complied with. Also, the managers of these institutions are subject to several requisites. These requirements are established by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) which also issues the licenses for financial companies.

Related to the financial license, there are several categories of licenses issued by the MFSA depending on the services supplied by the company. There are four categories of the financial license, according to the criteria established by the MFSA.

For full information on how to apply for a financial license in Malta, please contact us. We can also assist with the company formation process of the Maltese financial company.