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Aircraft Registration in Malta

Aircraft Registration in Malta

Considering the success of the maritime sector, Malta is very committed in supporting the aviation sector to develop. The Malta Aircraft Registration Act was established in 2010 and it is the main legal framework allowing the registration of aircraft in the country. The Malta Aircraft Registration Act also contains provisions about aircraft mortgages and the implementation of the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol. The Government has also introduced fiscal incentives in order to attract foreign investors to establish businesses in the aviation sector in Malta.

Eligibility criteria for aircraft registration in Malta

In order to register an aircraft in Malta, one must fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • – own and operate an aircraft,
  • – own an aircraft under construction or temporarily unavailable for operation,
  • – buyers of aircrafts authorized to operate the said aircrafts,
  • – operators of aircrafts under temporary titles.

The following individuals or companies are allowed to register aircrafts in Malta:

  • – the Maltese Government,
  • – Maltese citizens, EU, EEA (European Economic Area) and Swiss citizens,
  • – Maltese companies, companies registered in EU and EEA states and companies registered in Switzerland,
  • – aircraft operators conducting commercial air transport activities with valid Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC).

Malta also allows the registration of private aircraft. Maltese and foreign citizens owning and operating aircrafts, according to the laws, are allowed to register an aircraft in the country. The registration of a private aircraft must be conducted by Maltese agents.

Aircraft registration requirements in Malta

The registration of an aircraft in Malta consists in submitting the following documents:

  • – an application form,
  • – documents proving the ownership of the aircraft,
  • – lease agreement, if the aircraft is leased,
  • – documents supporting the qualifications of the applicant,
  • – deregistration certificate in case the aircraft was previously registered somewhere else,
  • – mortgage documents, if any.

If all requirements are met, the certificate of registration will be issued.

The new Maltese Aircraft Registration Act also allows the registration of aircraft under construction. In order to register this type of aircraft, the registrant must provide the serial number, the model and the manufacturer’s name.

You can contact our agents in company formation in Malta for details about  aircraft registration.