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Casino Registration Malta

Casino Registration Malta

Maltese casino license can be issued for investors who want to do business in this sector. If you would like to set up a casino in Malta, we recommend you talk to our company formation agents in Malta and ask for comprehensive support in such matters. Our team can manage the paperwork and collaborate with the relevant institutions.

What do you need for opening an online casino in Malta?

Maltese casinos must follow the rules of the Gaming Act Regulations of the 7th of August 1998 and it must register with the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). In order to open an online casino in Malta, one must apply for a special license which is issued only to companies registered in this country. Certain conditions have to be met before asking for a license for eBetting: the person who owns a large amount of voting capital and the director of the company must be persons of integrity and the representative must have the expertise to operate a casino. The license needed for e-gaming is available for a period of 5 years and it is renewable for another five years after this period. An annual fee must be paid for it. The online gaming license will contain:

  • – the name of it,
  • – the date of issuing,
  • – the date of expiration,
  • – the casino’s address,
  • – the address where the specific documents must be issued,
  • – the maximum number of tables and machines that can be operated under the license,
  • – the minimum opening hours.

You can also watch the video below on how to register a casino in Malta:

License for online casino

There are four classes of licenses that can be issued by the LGA. These classes range from one to four. The first class license for online betting or eBetting is granted for the lotteries, slots, online casino style games; the second class can be issued to operators offering betting services; the third one is issued to promotion and advertising companies that operate from Malta, such as poker networks, game portals and betting exchanges. 

The last class of license is issued to companies which do not offer remote gaming operations, but host this type of business (companies that provide the platform for online gaming). The Lotteries and Gaming Authority is the main entity issuing licenses for opening online casinos, if all the documents are properly submitted no later than 18 months from the initial submission. The documentation in this sense might be complex, however, it is best to know right from the beginning the type of gaming activities you wish to implement online. Do not hesitate to address your inquiries about Maltese gambling licence to our team of company incorporation agents in Malta and find out how they can help.

Capital requirements for opening a casino in Malta

Companies applying for a remote gaming license are now subject to minimum share capital requirements, depending on the type of license applied for. The capital must be paid up before starting operating. The amounts to be deposited are:

  • –          EUR 100,000 for class 1 and 2 licenses;
  • –          EUR 40,000 for class 3 and 4 licenses;
  • –          EUR 240,000 for companies applying for multiple licenses.

If you would like to know more about Maltese betting license, please feel free to talk to our local specialists.

Documents required for the license

The applicants requestinga license to open an online casino in Malta must submit the following documents:

  • – registration certificate of the company,
  • – last year’s audited financial records (if applicable),
  • – copies of trademark registration, if available,
  • – a three-year business plan,
  • – the power of attorney of the representative, if one was appointed,
  • – a declaration form and a standard application (available on the LGA website).

The LGA may also require other documents such as passports, a proof of residence, reference letter issued by the bank for the beneficial owners etc. Any change in the status of the Maltese online casino must be notified to the LGA within 14 days. Information about Maltese gambling licence can be provided by our specialists.

Online casino regulations in Malta – what you need to know

Malta Gaming Authority issues gaming licenses with a validity of 5 years, with the possibility of renewing them for other 5 years. The most important thing to know is that the Maltese authorities concentrate on the general rules ad a fair treatment in the gaming zone in Malta, in respect with the applicable laws in this sector. Moreover, the same authorities are aware of the money laundering acts which might take place in the gaming sector, and companies found implicated in such cases or accused of such offences can have the licenses cancelled. More about online casino Malta license can be discussed with us.

Who can access the online casinos in Malta?

Players from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia can easily have access to online casinos in Malta, respecting the general rules for gaming. There are no restrictions in terms of online gaming, except the one referring to minors. Instead of dealing with misunderstandings in matters of casino registration in Malta, we invite you to solicit the support of our company formation specialists in Malta. They are at your service regardless of the business you wish to develop in Malta and can manage the formalities for online casino Malta license.

Requirements for gaming software in Malta

Once the legal requirements are accepted, the next thing to consider when opening an online casino is to buy a professional software for the games you wish to develop. Components like a game management system, cashier system, anti-fraud system, retention email, reporting engine, registration system, payment methods, bonus and promotions are comprised by a good and legal gaming software.

The provider offering such software must offer immediate technical support at the time it is implemented and also during the operations. There are several or probably thousands of gaming software providers all over the world, however, it is important to pay attention to the packages offered and see if they respect all the requirements from a legal point of view. More about Maltese casino license can be discussed with us.

Do I need a marketing plan for an online casino in Malta?

Yes, it is recommended to have some strategies and marketing plans at the time you wish to open an online casino in Malta. In most cases, the success of such a business will depend in a large percent on the approaches and tactics, especially considering the competitors on the market. Even though the rules are the same for any kind of casino, special offers can make the difference and can attract even more players.

A solid marketing strategy and adopting the best gaming practices in matters of promotions might be the ideal options for those entrepreneurs wanting to thrive in the gaming sector in Malta. Prelaunch advertising campaigns, after launch promotions, client attraction and the support of affiliate network casinos are among the marketing strategies which can help your online casino develop in Malta. Contact us for details about Maltese casino license.

Bitcoins for online casinos in Malta

Considering the fast development of bitcoins not only in Malta but around the world, these can be used as virtual currencies for online casinos in Malta. It is important to pay attention to the ways in which bitcoin gambling works and the methods involving the bitcoin transactions on the internet. Entrepreneurs who want to register an online casino in Malta do not need to consider harsh formalities in matters of registration, as such procedure is quite simple if all the requirements are respected. In addition, one should pay attention to the payment methods, the marketing strategies and the segment in which you want to activate and make profits. In matters of company formation in Malta, do not hesitate to talk to our consultants. 

It is important to know that since 2018, the Virtual Financial Assets Act is the legal framework that oversees the cryptocurrency activities, including the ones involving online casinos. There are numerous entrepreneurs who decide on cryptocurrency in  Malta through varied business forms: some decide on cryptocurrency companies or develop businesses that allow the payment with virtual money. In any case, it is important to pay attention to the applicable legislation as a foreign investor in Malta.

iGaming companies in Malta

Online casinos, betting on games or events available online, lotteries, and virtual sports games are part of iGaming sector in Malta, one of the most prolific in terms of developments and profits. The iGaming sector in Malta attracts a large number of investors each year because the profits are quite representative. Such like any other gaming company, the registration, and application for an iGaming company in Malta are made with the Malta Gaming Authority. This is an important institution that implemented a series of rules and regulations in the gaming sector to avoid fiscal evasion and present complete confidence. It is good to note that Malta has a solid and appreciated legislation related to remote gaming since 2014, considering that it was necessary to protect this important business sector that generates large profits on a yearly basis, contributing at least 12% of the GDP in Malta.

You can easily register a gambling company or an online casino in the iGaming industry in Malta if you obtain the necessary license, make a solid business plan, and respect the minimum share capital for this type of business. One should note that the gaming license issued by Malta Gaming Authority is valid for 5 years, yet if your company breaches the regulations in this field, this kind of license can be suspended or even canceled. If you would like to open a casino in Malta, feel free to send your inquiries to one of our company formation agents in Malta and ask for complete assistance for Maltese casino license.

Relocating your gambling company to Malta

Company relocation is possible in Malta to all entrepreneurs interested in the gaming field. If you would like to relocate the gaming company in Malta and also develop such business online, it is recommended to follow a few important steps:

  • • De-register the business from the country of origin by making a specific declaration in this matter.
  • • Sign the declaration of company relocation, as a business owner, administrator, or manager.
  • • Start the company registration in Malta, paying attention to the required business license.
  • • Start relocating the movable assets from the country of origin to Malta.

The entire company relocation process can be overseen by one of our company formation representatives in Malta who can properly handle all the formalities. Feel free to talk to our team if you want to open a casino in Malta.

Why open an online gaming company in Malta

The gaming industry is highly developed in Malta and a great business opportunity for those who want to make investments in this sector and enjoy the profits. Opening an online casino in Malta is not difficult if you respect the registration steps and regulations imposed by the authorities in this country. In matters of advantages, entrepreneurs enjoy an attractive taxation regime in Malta, proper and well-developed infrastructure with minimal costs, the possibility of generating profits right from the start in a country that is appreciated in this thriving industry. Interested in an online casino in Malta? Please discuss all the details and aspects with our specialists in company formation in Malta. We have a dedicated team of experts who can provide the exact and necessary support in the gaming industry.

Reasons to get a gambling license in 2022

Malta is among the countries with a very well-developed gaming industry, especially on the online side. There are hundreds and thousands of companies active in this field and enjoying consistent profits year after year. To give you an idea of this, we mention that in 2019 alone, this sector generated more than EUR 1.5 billion, representing exactly around 13% of the total GDP for Malta and being the third most important sector in this country. Thus, according to statistics, this field grows from year to year because there is also an advantage offered for foreign entrepreneurs. They can obtain the desired online casino Malta license without too much difficulty and in a relatively short time. The formalities are quite simple, especially if you benefit from the support of our specialists with experience in this matter.

In 2018, the Maltese authorities came up with a series of changes to the laws, especially regarding the charging system. Thus, the gambling tax was eliminated, and with the help of double taxation treaties signed by Malta with various countries, the profits recorded in this field were protected and continue to remain so, against double taxation and tax evasion. On the other hand, the government of Malta managed to collect around EUR 80 million only from consumption tax, license fees, and other taxes imposed in the gaming sector.

Thus, both the authorities and international and local investors stand to gain, thanks to a well-implemented legislative framework and an advantageous tax system. If you are planning such a business in Malta, we recommend specialized help from our company formation agents in Malta. We are at your disposal with the correct management of the formalities, as well as the documents, in order to be able to obtain the desired Maltese casino license in the shortest possible time.

Risks to consider if you do not apply for an online casino Malta license

Those who want to be active in the gambling market in Malta should consider the formalities for obtaining a Malta casino license in this regard and prepare the payment for the desired license fee. The authorities make frequent checks and controls in this sector, and the risks of operating without a Maltese casino license are quite high. And to get an idea of these risks, we recommend you read the following lines:

  1. Payment providers cannot collaborate with gambling companies that do not have an online casino Malta license. They do not show trust, and therefore, such services cannot be offered.
  2. Even users, or more precisely players, do not trust companies that offer online or offline gambling without having a license in this regard. Basically, there are very high chances that the activities of this kind that you want to undertake will not be successful.
  3. It is important to know that operators caught without a gambling license, such as, Maltese casino license, can receive quite severe penalties. For example, fines of up to EUR 500,000 can be imposed.
  4. Without a Malta gambling license, operators can be closed by the authorities. Thus, they can no longer operate on the market and can also pay quite large penalties.
  5. Unlicensed gambling services provided in Malta are considered a criminal offense in this country. Those caught without a Maltese gambling license can be imprisoned for up to 5 years.

Even if the Maltese betting license has high costs, we recommend you apply for this license or any other one you need and avoid the cases in which you can be penalized.

Making investments in Malta

Malta is a small insular state that offers many business development opportunities for a wide range of activities. The country is home to more than 30,000 companies established with foreign capital that benefit from a stable and respected business climate, the lack of complexities in terms of incorporation and business taxation, an experienced workforce, and varied encouragements for invested profits. Malta’s profile is quite representative from a business point of view, being a highly appreciated and diversified financial center in the world.

The fast-growing economy, having one financial regulator, providing access to free markets worldwide, a competitive taxation system, and simple company formation procedures weigh much in front of foreign entrepreneurs in Malta. Here are some facts and figures that highlight the gaming sector of Malta:

  1. The gaming industry in Malta contributes approximately 12% to the country’s GDP.
  2. There are more than 300 companies registered in the gaming sector in Malta.
  3. More than 5,900 employees work in the online gaming field in Malta.
  4. Casinos, slots, and table games are the most preferred among customers who prefer the gaming sector in Malta. 

For extra details about how you can open a casino in Malta, please contact our local agents in company formation in Malta.