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Financial Restructuring in Malta

Financial Restructuring in Malta

Malta has a stable economy, was less affected by the economic crisis in the past years, and it is considered a well-developed country in Europe. There are situations where companies must consider a financial restructuring in order to avoid bankruptcy and close the business. Our company incorporation agents in Malta can help you with information and guidance if you are interested in financial restructuring procedures applicable for your enterprise. Furthermore, the same team can offer complete support when registering a company in Malta.

Main steps to consider in a financial restructuring in Malta

Companies registered in Malta which deal with financial problems are suggested to adopt a suitable plan which regards the methods of implementing a financial restructuring with the purpose of preventing a possible company liquidation or even bankruptcy. A proper procedure implies the renegotiating creditors the monthly or yearly payments with the creditors of the company. This way, a company can sign additional agreements for a settled period in which details about the new payment methods are mentioned, if such terms have been decided by both sides. 

Another important step which can be part of a financial restructuring plan in Malta involves the accountants of the company who must reconsider and analyze the debts, and then propose particular payments without having to sell any assets of the company. For lower rental costs, the company can relocate its operations to another place, only if substantial cuts will be involved. This is also an interesting and agreeable step in a financial restructuring plan a company in Malta can consider.

Let us remind that our company formation specialists in Malta can provide you with information about the available tools related to a financial restructuring without having a negative impact on the overall operations of the firm.

What to consider when planning a financial restructuring in Malta

Bankruptcy or insolvency might happen for companies in Malta, but in order to avoid such difficulties, it is suggested to analyze and adopt the right approaches regarding a financial restructuring. It is good to know that a business reorganization is in most times the necessary process to adjust the finances and to maintain the company on the market. Companies might consider revising the employees and if the case requires, some of them can be re-positioned or restructured. Please keep in mind that the Employment Law in Malta protects the employees who have several important rights stipulated in the work contract.

For any other information about the financial restructuring in Malta, please do not hesitate to contact our team of Maltese agents in company incorporation.