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Launch an ICO in Malta

Launch an ICO in Malta

The attraction for cryptocurrency companies in Malta developed quite fast in recent years and there are many entrepreneurs who consider that the initial coin offerings or ICOs are proper investment funds alternatives. With a recently developed and implemented legislation overseeing the cryptocurrency businessMalta represents the top choice for foreigners wanting to enlarge their assets in this direction. Launching an ICO in Malta means developing other types of investment resources in complete confidence and protection. We invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation specialists in Malta and find out how you can launch an ICO in Malta.

Short facts about ICOs in Malta

The initial coin offering has been recently introduced in Malta, about five years ago and since then, the scope was quite simple, yet of high importance. Raising public funds and then fundraising all sorts of start-ups can be done with the help of ICOs in Malta. This is normally seen as a crowdfunding business which is controlled by the new set of laws: Malta Virtual Financial Asset Services or MVFAS. The ICOs are used for creating cryptocurrencies which are strongly related to digital tokes or virtual money which can be traded on the market. You can discuss more about Malta ICOs regulation with our local experts.

How to launch an ICO in Malta

Raising funds for a start-up is done with the help of a cryptocurrency payment system and ICOs. The procedure for launching an ICO in Malta starts with the issuance of an important document named white paper which must be approved by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority). Such a document will show that you are qualified to issue and trade digital money on the market. Moreover, the white paper must be signed by the VFA (Virtual Financial Asset) agent appointed at the time of creating the cryptocurrency and by the directors interested in launching the ICO in Malta.

The next step is to create a solid plan and provide information about how people can purchase ICOs in Malta through public or private sales. The same project will have to offer details about the distribution of virtual money and if it is the case to issue more tokens. Moreover, launching an ICO in Malta must be sustained by a website which needs to offer information about the projects, the start-up for which ICOs are issued.

This way, the potential investors will have an idea about the business projects they wish to sustain. We remind that the regulations of ICOs in Malta can be explained by our company incorporation agents in Malta at any time. Also, if you would like details about how to register a company in Malta, feel free to address your inquiries to our consultants.

Presenting the ICO

Launching an ICO in Malta solicits complete attention to the security systems which need to be implemented on the website in order to protect your clients from scams, phishing or related frauds. A solid PR and marketing plan will have to be developed at the time the ICO is launched. There are a few facts to consider when presenting Maltese ICOs:

  • • the project must be created and presented in a professional manner;
  • • a video presentation with the description of ICO is necessary on your website;
  • • the subscription form must be appropriate and accessible to future clients;
  • • the legal white paper and all the terms and conditions need to be presented online.

Launching an ICO in Malta must concern the owner in each detail, including the ones involving the projects and products for which he/she need funds. It is often a good idea to present the team you work with, the partners involved including investors and complete contact details. If you aim for foreign investors, it is a good idea to create the website in other languages with the help of professional translators.

Being part of the cryptocurrency community in Malta

The cryptocurrency communities in Malta gathers investors from around the world. There are many websites which connect such people, and which provide detailed information about ICOs and virtual currencies in many countries, plus the mechanism system involved. Launching an ICO in Malta means having wide-open eyes on the phenomenon and find out other strategies that can help your projects.

It is important to know at any time the direction of ICOs and to be present with the latest technology in the field. Social networks and specific forums are often the choices of entrepreneurs interested in the cryptocurrency sector, especially for beginners in this field who will have to pay close attention to the security measures approved on an international scale. 

If you would like to open a company in Malta or if you are interested in launching an ICO in Malta, we kindly invite you to contact our team of company formation representatives in Malta for complete support.