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Set Up a Company in the Forestry Sector in Malta

Set Up a Company in the Forestry Sector in Malta

The agriculture industry in Malta is comprised of several branches and even if it is not that developed, it still offers important resources which can be exploited. One of the branches of agriculture is forestry. Foreign and local investors can set up business in the forestry industry in Malta by following the local laws and regulations on the exploitation of forests and trees.

The main laws related to starting a business in forestry in Malta are the Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations which is the latest legal framework providing for the protection of forests and was enabled in 2011 and the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Licensing Scheme Regulations which was issued in 2005 and renewed in 2015. Our company formation agents in Malta can offer information on the two laws.

Company registration in the forestry sector in Malta

According to the Forest Law, individuals, local and foreign companies can open forestry businesses in Malta. In order to do that they must register with the Trade Registrar in Malta following which they can apply for the licenses required to exploit the land plot they are assigned.

Foreign investors opening forestry companies in Malta can rely on our company registration advisors for assistance with the registration of any business form of their choosing.

What licenses does a Maltese forestry company need?

After an initial evaluation of the forest to be exploited by the Environment and Resources Authority and by the Planning Authority which designates the exact area from which trees can be cut, the forestry company must apply for a permit with the Directorate of Agriculture. The latter will issue a permit for the Maltese or foreign company which will submit the following documents after the activities it has carried out:

  • –          a report on the activities it undertook;
  • –          the purpose of the exploitation;
  • –          the methods used to cut the trees;
  • –          the results of the activity.

Based on these, the Directorate will then issue a FLEGT license which provides for the shipment of timber to other countries, if the product is destined for export.

For full information on the requirements to set up a company in the forestry sector in Malta, do not hesitate to contact us.