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Registration with Tax Authorities in Malta

Registration-with-Tax-Authorities-in-Malta.jpgCompanies in Malta must meet all the requirements as stipulated by the Commercial Code, in order to legally operate on the market. The main step for a proper function of the business is to register for tax purposes, including VAT, with the Department of Inland Revenue in Malta. It is good to know that this mandatory rule is available for both companies with activities in Malta, whether relocated in the country or not. Our company formation specialists in Malta are at your disposal with complete support and information about how to register a company in Malta and the related conditions, including details about the tax registration.

How to register the company for tax purposes in Malta

Each business that involves hiring employees should obtain the PE number in Malta which is issued by the Department of Inland Revenue and represents the legal way to retain and pay the taxes linked to the national insurance of staff. The taxes paid by companies in Malta are in accordance with the final settlement tax reporting procedures under the Social Security Act of 1987. The national insurance contributions are important in each kind of company, therefore complying with the rules and regulations at the beginning of company incorporation in Malta will lead to a fast start in the chosen business field in the country.

Register for VAT in Malta

The VAT in Malta which at the moment is set at a 18% rate (7% in the tourism sector, 5% for certain foods, medical services, electricity) is imposed for each company that registers economic activities in the country, sole proprietorships included under certain conditions. Businesses dealing with the supply of goods and/or services must respect the requirements related to the VAT registration. The VAT Department in Malta, through the local offices, receives the company’s documents, whether enterprises or sole proprietorships and the ID copies of the representative of the business. The PE number is also required when registering for VAT in Malta. We mention that for opening a company in Malta, comprehensive information and guidance can be provided by our team of advisors.

Please contact our company formation representatives in Malta if you have any questions about how the VAT registration is done or about how you can start a business in Malta.