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Business Consultancy in Malta

Business Consultancy in Malta

Even though it is a small insular state in the Mediterranean Sea (Southern Europe), with interesting history and traditions which date for centuries, Malta is open for foreign investments in varied sectors with full potential. An entrepreneur willing to discover the possibilities in Malta should ask for business consultancy from our company formation specialists in Malta. The same team can help incorporate a company in Malta, by providing complete support and guidance when drafting and filing the documents with the Maltese Trade Register.

Running a business in Malta

Entrepreneurs worldwide have the possibility of registering a company in Malta in different important sectors like tourism, manufacturing, real estate, agriculture or communications. Once you have decided for a domain of activity, it is suggested to set up a business plan, a matter where our company formation agents in Malta can offer consultancy and guidance. You can choose to set up a limited liability company or a general or limited partnership in Malta, considering the costs of such entities, like office space, suppliers and workforce. Additionally, a businessman must name a board of directors and must consider the suitable methods to promote the activities and services of the company. It is also recommended to set up budgets for every department of your newly registered company, and the proper way to do that is to hire a team of accountants who can analyze the finances of the firm.  

Our Maltese company formation consultants can help you prepare the documents and register your company in Malta, by offering full support in this matter.

How can our team help you with your business in Malta?

Bookkeeping, preparation of the financial statements, audits, payroll, tax consultancy, monthly trial balance, and finance related services can be provided on request by our team of company incorporation agents in Malta. As part of the business plan, our consultancy services should represent the main priorities when deciding to set up a company in Malta because a good start will guarantee the credibility of the firm among many others on the market, in the future.

Business consultancy in Malta is suggested for all entrepreneurs who decide to relocate for investment purposes in the country, where they must know details about the taxation system, the available business forms and the ways they can set up companies and investment funds. It is also recommended to ask for business consultancy in Malta, if you want proper support and guidelines, and if you do not want to consider possible litigations or bankruptcy.

Please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in Malta for more information about the business consultancy we can offer for your future company in the country.