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Open a Recruitment Company in Malta

Open a Recruitment Company in Malta

Opening recruitment companies is a common practice in most of the European countries in order to facilitate relations between employers and employees and Malta makes no exception. Considering the highly trained Maltese workforce and the development of the outsourcing services market in the last few years, investors have started opening recruitment companies in Malta. The law allowing Maltese companies to conduct mediation activities between workers and employers is the Employment Agencies Regulations Act issued in 1995 (L.N.126 and 127). Mentions about Maltese recruitment agencies are also made in the Employment Services Act. All the requirements involving the registration of a recruitment agency in Malta can be overseen by our company formation agents in Malta at any time.

The application procedure to open a recruitment company in Malta

The first step when setting up a company in Malta with the purpose of conducting recruitment services is to publicly announce a 21 days’ notice for opening the recruitment company. The notice must be displayed close by the headquarters of the future business according to the Employment Services Act. The application must also be published in two newspapers. Once these requirements are met, the applicant can submit the proper documentation with the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations in Valletta.  The documents will be thoroughly verified and, if they meet the Employment Services Act demands, the Department will issue the certificate of incorporation of the Maltese recruitment agency. A registration certificate for a Maltese recruitment company is released within twelve working days. The certificate has one year validity.

Documents necessary for opening a recruitment company in Malta

The documents to be submitted with the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations in Malta in order to open a recruitment agency are:

  • • an application form and the copies after the published ads;
  • • a list with the directors of the Maltese recruitment agency;
  • • the notarized copies of the directors’ qualifications;
  • • the CV or birth certificate and a clean criminal record of the recruitment company’s directors and representatives, if any;
  • • a declaration that the location is suitable for conducting recruitment services;
  • • the registration fees.

In order to be suitable, the office space of a Maltese recruitment agency must have a room for interviews, a waiting area and the building must allow access for people with disabilities.

What is the proper structure for opening a recruitment company in Malta?

The limited liability company is the proper business structure for opening a recruitment company in Malta. The private LLC can be set up with a minimum share capital of EUR 1,200, as for the public one, this can be registered if EUR 47,000 is provided and deposited in a local bank account. In most cases, the private limited liability companies are chosen for openingrecruitment agencies in Malta, especially because the minimum share capital is appropriate and the shareholders number cannot surpass 50. Here are a few things to consider for opening an LLC in Malta:

  1. The minimum share capital needs to be deposited in a local bank account.
  2. The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association are the company documents comprising information about the owners, the activities, the general rules and many more.
  3. A business address and a name reservation need to be considered right from the beginning.
  4. The company needs to have a legal representative in charge of company documents and other important aspects.
  5. Special licenses and permits must be obtained before the company activates.
  6. The registration for tax purposes is an obligation for companies wanting to perform activities in Malta.

 Even though there are no complicated requirements for opening an LLC in Malta, it is suggested to ask for the support of our company formation representatives in Malta. They can assist you throughout the incorporation procedures for your recruitment company in Malta.

Sectors of interest for your recruitment agency in Malta

recruitment agency in Malta can be established in any business sector. For instance, you can direct your services in the tourism sector, IT and communication, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce and many more. This means that companies activating in these sectors can look for the services provided by your recruitment agency in Malta.

Tips for opening a recruitment company in Malta

recruitment company is part of the businesses registered in the human resources field in Malta. The are numerous entrepreneurs who solicit the services of such companies instead of dealing on their own the employment matters in the firm. Therefore, the success of your recruitment agency in Malta will depend in many cases in the steps involved, if they are respected entirely:

  1. The business name is the first thing to consider when opening a recruitment agency in Malta.
  2. The incorporation of the company starts with the entitled authorities if the business name and the documents are accepted.
  3. A business office involves several expenses you need to consider when opening your business.
  4. A business plan comprising your future operations and strategies, a company logo and a marketing plan should be on your list at the time the company is projected.
  5. Your recruitment agency in Malta can be sustained by a website which presents your services and the sectors of interest.
  6. Once registered for tax purposes, the next thing to do is to solicit accounting services for your recruitment firm in Malta.
  7. Marketing campaigns and strategies can place your business among solid competitors on the market.

If you are interested in opening a recruitment company in Malta and you need business consulting, you may address your inquiries to our team of company incorporation representatives in Malta.

Why open a recruitment company in Malta?

Such a business is in most cases a successful one because there are numerous companies, small, medium or large that would rather solicit human resource services instead of hiring staff on their own. Difficulties might be met in the process of recruitment, which is why an agency dealing with such services might represent the proper option. Such companies can develop large databases with persons wanting to work in Malta, including foreigners. Also, another benefit for opening a recruitment company in Malta is that both local and international businesses can be interested in the offered services on the market.

Once you have decided for a recruitment agency in Malta, and if all the incorporation conditions are entirely fulfilled, the next thing to consider is to develop varied marketing plans and start activating in this field. A solid and doable business plan plays in many cases a key role, especially in the human resources sector in Malta.

If you want to set up a company, our company incorporation specialists in Malta can guide you through the registration process. You can also contact us for details about the Employment Agencies Regulations Act.